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Aluminum sheet 25x35cm

Aluminum sheet 25x35cm
Aluminum sheet 25x35cm
Aluminum sheet 25x35cm
Aluminum sheet 25x35cm
Aluminum sheet 25x35cm
Aluminum sheet 25x35cm
Aluminum sheet 25x35cm
Aluminum sheet 25x35cm
Aluminum sheet 25x35cm


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Inox
  • Length: 35cm
  • Width:   25cm
  • Height:    2cm
  • Lightweight and Practical.
  • Does not stick, does not rust, does not corrode.
  • Fast Heat Transfer.
  • Suitable for Contact with Food.
  • Greek construction

Suitable for Home and Professional Use.

Perfect for Baking Pizzas, Pies, Foods or Sweets.

Great for Restaurants, Pizzerias, Confectioneries, Ovens & Restaurants.

Aluminum Plate is perfect for baking pizzas, pies, food, pastries or syrups. 

It is ideal for baking, heating or keeping its contents warm.

Aluminum is a good conductor of heat, so it heats up quickly, 

keeps its temperature constant and distributes heat evenly on both the bottom and the walls.

Aluminum sheet quickly and evenly transfers heat to its contents. 

Also, after it comes out of the oven, it cools down faster, preventing over-baking or mud of both food and sweets.

Aluminum Sheet can be used in any type of oven: wood oven, electric, gas as well as over fireplaces in a fireplace or ember.

Suitable for use at home but also in restaurants, pizzerias, patisseries, bakeries, hotels, taverns as well as in any restaurant.

The aluminum sheet of quality A for all uses is made in Greece, entirely from pure aluminum. It has the ability to cook quickly and easily without sticking to food.

It is suitable for contact with food and has the necessary certificates and ISO.

The Aluminum Pizza Pan is light, practical, does not rust, does not corrode, does not spoil, therefore it is immortal! It also has turned edges for greater durability.

It is ideal for both home and professional use.

Pre-order - Special Constructions

The product is non-refundable

If you are not sure, measure the inside of the oven

*All our products are also available with a high-strength non-stick paint coating (Teflon) or with a Teflon tape coating (see more about Teflon tape at code 011-010-500).

* We manufacture special pieces to your measurements upon order

* Manufactured with DCP material or Aluminum upon request

* For orders with a value greater than € 500 the discounts may vary depending on the quantity and / or the purchase value.

Contact us for more details.

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