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Terms of Use of the Customer Reward Service

1. The Flexi Card loyalty program has been created by the company MANIOPOULOU MARIA based in Makrochori, Imathia, Vassileos Georgiou 9, is addressed to adult customers of the online store. The purpose of the Flexi Card customer loyalty program is to reward the COMPANY customers who choose it for the purchases of items that concern them and their family and their privileged information about its products and services.

2. Our company does not bear the slightest responsibility for loss of points or errors that may arise from incorrect, abusive or misuse of the system. It is also not responsible for errors that may occur due to force majeure, possible damage or even loss of data.

3. Your points can be used as a discount on your purchases and deducted from the total purchase amount. The member can not earn points from the use of a gift voucher / voucher.

4. The points calculation system sometimes ignores decimal places and other times rounds to the nearest decimal number. If you make a purchase worth € 49.5 you will receive 49 points.

5. The points you collect can not be redeemed or set off in any way but can only be used to purchase products from that online store. To redeem points the first time you must have at least one purchase from the store. For each subsequent redemption of points it is required to have at least one purchase from the store.

6. You can not transfer points to another user of the service.

7. The COMPANY has the right to terminate at any time, without notice or reason, this contract with the member or to prohibit any participation in the program. In any case if the member does not comply with these terms or in case of misuse or attempted fraud all points will be deleted and all privileges will be deducted. Systematic abuse can also lead to legal sanctions or a claim for compensation.

8. Participation in the program provides the holder with benefits for as long as the member is recognized as a valid member of the Flexi Card benefits program and for as long as the Flexi Card benefits program is valid. The COMPANY reserves the right in its sole discretion to change this period and unilaterally modify any terms of this contract, including the reward system, the method of calculating points and the amount of market rewards as well as to modify or terminate at any time in general the Flexi Card benefits program

9. The COMPANY has the discretion and the right to activate or deactivate the participation of the member and to terminate the privilege program at any time, without notice or reason, as this program is a voluntary provision of the company.

10. The COMPANY is entitled to unilaterally modify any term of this contract, including the method of calculating points and the amount of market rewards. Any such modification will be notified to the holder with a relevant post on the website, which will be considered valid and sufficient information. The member has no claim against the COMPANY, for these changes or the termination of the Flexi Card program, since it already recognizes that this is a privilege program provided by its freedom.

11. If for any reason the COMPANY modifies part or all of the terms of the program or terminates the benefits program, the participant retains no claims against the company, as long as it already acknowledges that it is a benefits program provided by the freedom of the company.

12. Points earned by the member are valid for 12 months from the date of the respective transaction on which they were acquired or the date of the promotion from which they were acquired (for example points earned on 22 June 2020 will expire on 22 June 2021 and time 23.59). Members can be informed at any time about all the active points they have accumulated from their purchases or from promotions in the following ways: a) through the Flexi Card member service line by calling 6973359459 (Monday - Friday from 9: 00 - 15:00), b) via email:

13. In case the member does not use his participation in the program for a period of more than three (3) years from the last transaction made on the Flexi Card, the participation will be automatically deactivated. In order to serve the contract with the members, the COMPANY will contact the members, three (3) months before the date of deactivation of the participation, by e-mail to the e-mail address and / or by text message (SMS) to the mobile phone number that have stated in their application. This communication will not take place to members who have stated that they do not wish to receive communication from the COMPANY.

14. In case the member, after leaving, wishes to re-join the Flexi Card rewards program, he / she will have to re-enroll in the program as the participation for which he / she had requested the deletion can not be reactivated.

15. The member is entitled to redeem his points, if he is an active member and the respective balance of credits and available points in his account is at least equal to the number of points indicated in the amount of the discount chosen by him. To this end, the member will be able to calculate all the points that have been credited to him and are available. The member is not entitled to substitute part or all of the points he has collected with money, nor to redeem these points with money.

16. In case the member returns all or part of the products he bought and from which he gained points, then the points corresponding to the amount of the refund will be deducted from his account, if he is refunded or receives credit. In case the member returns a product from a transaction involving redemption of points, the points deducted from the redemption can not be returned.

17. Each time the member redeems points corresponding to a discount, an equal number of points are deducted from the balance of his available points. Purchases using the redemption discount are excluded from the right of refund. The discount is not exchanged for cash. In order to be entitled to the corresponding discount, the member must make purchases of equal or greater value. It is clarified that the COMPANY reserves the right to change at any time the points calculation system, as well as the points required to accumulate the member.

18. Only users over the age of 18 can participate in the reward system. Before redeeming the points you may be asked for a photocopy of ID to verify your details. Redemption orders are processed immediately after checking your transaction history. For this reason shipping and delivery times can be significantly increased.

19. Also, the cardholder agrees and accepts that: A) will keep a file and will process its Personal Data, in order to support, promote and execute the transaction relationship between them, as well as for general marketing purposes . B) is hereby authorized, by the cardholder, to transmit his Personal Data to cooperating companies (provided this is notified to the Data Protection Authority and approval is obtained if required) and if this is required for operational and computer service of the transaction relationship. C) Also, the cardholder hereby authorizes to disclose his Personal Data, including data of transactional behavior, to three legal or natural persons with whom cooperates for the processing of data, the correspondence, the sending of the gift and in general, the achievement of the transactional relationship. in this case has the responsibility for the commitment of its associates in relation to the protection required by law of the said Personal Data.

20. reserves the right to delete the points corresponding to Flexible cards that have not been redeemed in the last 24 months.

27. THE COMPANY does not bear any responsibility for any damage, initial or subsequent, positive or negative, direct or indirect, of the member from the use and implementation of the Flexi Card loyalty program. In any case, the liability of the COMPANY will be limited exclusively to the re-crediting of any lost points to the member's account. The COMPANY is not responsible for any damage to the member, other members of the program or third parties due to false or inaccurate statements of the member, especially for the personal data of the member

21. These terms constitute the only and comprehensive contractual text governing the relationship between the COMPANY and the members of the Flexi Club Fidelity Program and are superior to any of their earlier forms and will remain in force until any subsequent amendment by the COMPANY, which will be valid either from their notification to members, or from their posting on the Flexi Card loyalty program website www,

22. These terms apply to members of the Flexi Club program in Greece and govern their relationship with the COMPANY from the date of commencement of the scheme, and are construed in accordance with Greek Law and for any interpretation or dispute between the member and the COMPANY. , while the Courts of Veria are exclusively responsible for their interpretation

* The terms and equivalence of euro points are subject to change without notice. Points already accumulated are used only with the current match and not retrospectively. See this website for the latest terms of use.

By participating in the "Customer Reward Service" you have read, agree and accept the above.