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How to Order

On-Line Orders You can make your purchases through our online store. Select the products you are interested in by placing them in the Shopping Cart. Once you have completed your purchases, click on the Shopping Cart and complete your order by following the steps indicated.

Telephone Orders

You can call the customer service center 2316022822, Monday to Friday 09:00 - 15:00 (except holidays). There you can talk to our specialized staff, learn more about the product you are interested in and order it by mentioning the product code listed in the online store. Attention: PayPal or IRIS payment orders that require you to Login to your account to complete the payment, can not be made by phone for security reasons of your transactions.

Telephone orders can be paid:
  • 1. cash on delivery,
  • 2. by deposit in a bank account that will be indicated to you during the telephone communication,
  • 3. via your credit card. By registering your order with a Credit Card, you will be sent an electronically automated message to the email address (email) that you stated for the specific order. The above message will include a special Payment Link secure payment for the use of your credit card and payment online / transfer to Vivawallet secure payment system. The Payment Link will be available for the next hour after the registration of the order, in which you will have to make the payment in order to successfully complete the order and to commit the respective product. Please note that in case the payment as above is not completed successfully your order will be canceled and you will have to contact the customer service center again.
Invoicing & Taxation Issues

Our prices include all legal Taxes. In case you are a taxable person or a non-taxable legal entity and you are subject to a special tax regime, the following applies: If you are based in Greece: and you belong to a region or belong to a category of companies with a special tax regime, then you should be sure to contact Customer Service if this is your first time placing an order. The status of the subject must be proved by the certificate of submission of job application which you must present together with any other document deemed necessary and requested. Attention, this paragraph does not concern Individuals.

Service of article 39a, par. 5 (POL 1150 / 29.9.2017)

According to the provisions of article 39a, par. 5 of the VAT Code (POL 1150 / 29.9.2017) the corporate customers who issue an invoice, VAT may not be charged for the purchase of products from the categories of mobile phones, game consoles, laptops and tablets.

During the purchase process through the site products from the above categories, when you select Invoice you can then enter your corporate VAT number. An interconnection will be made automatically with the systems of AADE in order to carry out the relevant control and to confirm your possibility of non-payment of VAT. At this point you can select the field '0% VAT' to continue submitting further requested information:

If you are entitled to VAT exemption, in the next step, you must fill in the details of the Representative (as defined in the relevant POL ) but also the one-time codes of this, just as they have been declared to AADE in your respective application for your inclusion in this scheme. from your Order. In the event that this information is not confirmed for any reason (eg even if there is no temporary connection to the AADE systems) at the time of submission of your order, you will be able to register your order normally with legal VAT.

Cancellations / Changes to already registered orders

⚠ Cancellations or changes to orders can be made in cases where the issuance of a sales document has not taken place.

In case you want a change in your already registered order or cancel it, you should contact Customer Service by phone or by e-mail: Telephone 2316022822 Monday to Friday 09:00 - 15:00 (excluding holidays) and email "". Email your account with the details of your order. This email concerns only the registration of your order and in no case implies the full acceptance of your order by Maniopoulou Maria The acceptance of your order is completed after specific checks that follow (such as stock check, credit check, etc.)

Order tracking

You can through of the "Order Tracking" section in your account, to see the execution process as well as the history of your previous orders.