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Coupon Usage

Use of Voucher - Gift Voucher

If you have a Gift Voucher (including the e-gift card case), an ordering card or a www.flexible-gr coupon, please redeem them by following these steps: Add to the shopping cart the products you want to order. In the online order form at the end of your order, fill in the code of the gift voucher, order or coupon in the respective area and press the "Confirm Number" button to calculate the discount. Then you can complete your order with the payment method you want. It is noted that each gift voucher has an expiration date, can be used only once and no change is returned from its use.

Alternatively you can order by simply giving the code of the gift voucher and by phone at 2316022822, 9.00 to 15:00 Monday to Friday, except public holidays. and by e-mail at

Particularly Use of Coupon

The value of the coupon includes VAT, valid for purchases from the online store only for a specific product, until its stocks are exhausted and until the expiration date indicated on the coupon.

Use of Gift Certificate

The value of the Gift Certificate includes VAT, valid for purchases from the online store, only for one order and until its expiration date.

It is noted that each gift voucher can be used until its expiration date only once, while no change is returned from its use.

In case you buy a product whose part of the value is covered by this gift voucher, you can pay the remaining amount after using the Gift Voucher, with one of the other payment methods offered by

Purchase using a discount coupon

Maniopoulou Maria with the distinctive title Flexible. declares that it will fulfill the orders based on the availability of the products and until the stocks are exhausted based on the general conditions that apply to the sales from the online store.

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