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Shipping methods offers you a lot of alternative ways to pick up the products and services you are interested in. All shipping and pickup costs are calculated in the last step before the order is completed and paying and added to the shopping cart.

- Order processing takes place daily from Monday to Friday 9:00 -17: 00. Orders made weekends and public holidays are processed on the next business day. In addition, there are no traditions of official holidays on weekends (unless otherwise stated) as well as the days when our ware house may be closed (eg due to inventory) - delivered hours in your space by the courier company is 9: 00 - 17:00 daily (Monday to Friday) and no appointment can be programmed.

Order Power
Orders remain in force and available for delivery up to 15 calendar days from their listing. Especially for receipt by the distribution center, orders remain in force and available for delivery up to 5 calendar days from their listing.
If the order is not possible to complete the order (indicatively: failure to communicate, failure to receive the product, non-availability of the product requested on the order) and after the end of that deadline, the order is canceled.
Especially orders that have not been repaid (for example, as a payment method ") will automatically and without any further information, with the completion of 10 calendar days from the date of entry of the order.

Estimated delivery time
Delivery time depends on many factors such as the availability of products, the method of payment chosen, the availability of means of transport and so on. Indicatively, orders placed during business days and hours are basically delivered to the carrier within one business day, provided that all the products of the order are available and the usual delivery time at the point specified by the carrier is as a rule one working day for the city of Athens while for the rest of the Greek territory, the delivery varies accordingly and can reach 3 working days or more. In areas designated as inaccessible by the cooperating courier company, delivery time may be different. Orders where it has been selected as the place of delivery or ELTA as the place of receipt, are usually delivered within 3 working days to the store. During a period of discounts, special offers or special market conditions, the total delivery time may be increased due to increased volume of deliveries or the special conditions of the period. Finally, we should note that our company is not responsible for any delay in the delivery of your order, which is not due to its fault or due to force majeure or due to circumstances that deviate from the daily normal trading activity. It is clarified that regardless of the systemic indications of availability of our online store, the final confirmation of availability is always made during the processing of the order, where your order is finalized and scheduled to be sent to all products confirmed by on-site physical availability at the warehouse and availability center their sorting is done. If the products are not available, Maria Maniopoulou. reserves the right not to accept this order and to reject this sale. In this case it will inform and return the full price of the canceled order. Orders are processed daily, during working days and hours. The total delivery time depends on several factors, such as the available means of transport to the delivery point you have chosen

Total order shipment
To avoid additional shipping costs, the order is executed when all the products included in it are available. If for any reason you wish delivery of the only available products of the order, please call us at 6973359459 stating the order number or place a separate order for the non-available products. The final confirmation of availability is made during the processing of the order and the collection of the products.

Information in cases of unavailable products
For orders with products that are not immediately available, but upon order, we will contact you to inform you of the estimated delivery time of the products. The update is usually made within the next three working days from the date of the order to the contact details you filled in your order.

Completion of the shipment upon receipt of the products
It is clarified that the products of your order are sent and the responsibility for the transport to the point you have indicated to us and until their receipt by you is in Maniopoulou Maria. If for any reason the transfer is made by your own means or by a carrier acting on your behalf, then the responsibility for the transfer lies with you.

Special cases of shipments and / or orders
In special cases of large or heavy orders, the shipment is made by means of transport of the absolute choice of Maniopoulou Maria., While some deliveries are possible only in large urban areas. Maria Maniopoulou. reserves the right not to accept specific orders and to reject specific sales, informing in a timely manner and returning the full price of the canceled order. For special product categories, such as products that come after ordering, or are of very high value, or outside its normal flow, may require a deposit before the launch of the order.

Shipping / Delivery Methods and Charges
Shipping to your place
For orders over 99 € the shipping costs are free, excluding inaccessible areas, products that exceed 10 kg and bulky products
For orders under 99 € the shipping cost is

  • Standard Shipping with package weight 2-5kg - € 5.00
  • Standard COD Shipping - € 2.50

For inaccessible areas the extra charge amounts to 5 € and is calculated in addition to the charges based on order value and parcel weight charge.
The prices listed include legal taxes Special conditions for bulky items.
The following are valid:
  • - Shipments are made by shipping and by appointment.
  • - Delivery is on the sidewalk
  • - Shipments are made with cooperating transport companies selected by Maniopoulou Maria
Indicative billing table for bulky items
Area Shipping Costs per item
  • Athens 25€-30€
  • Thessaloniki 25€-30€
  • Land Greece 30€-35€
  • Islands 50 €
  • Receipt from a collaborating point

Upon receipt, the condition of the product and its packaging should be thoroughly checked to identify any problems that may have arisen during the transport of the product to you. In case you find any problem in the packaging, please do not proceed with the receipt of the product, but contact us immediately. In case you find a problem immediately upon receipt, this should be reported immediately to the carrier. Please contact us immediately by informing us of your relevant statement, in order to carry out the relevant check for possible damage during the delivery of the product, so that we can then evaluate and proceed with your relevant request for return of the product. It is clarified that in such a case the times of assessment of the existence of damage during the transfer are left to the transport company cooperating with the expert who carried out the delivery.