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Flexible gold card

Every private adult can become a member of the Flexi Card scheme, by registering on the website The member, by registering in the scheme, can enjoy privileges, as they are set and notified by the COMPANY. Obligation of the member in order to earn or redeem points is to have logged in to his account before completing the online transaction at

The member is entitled to 2 points for every € 1 of purchases, which can be redeemed at discounts for purchases at according to the current reward program and the current method of redeeming points earned per transaction. The member can not earn points from the use of a gift voucher / coupon.

The member for each redemption point receives € 0.01 discount on his purchases and can redeem in the next order.

The Flexi Card Rewards Program includes three rewards levels:

  • 1) Flexi Card Silver
  • 2) Flexi Card Gold
  • 3) Flexi Card Diamond

During the online registration process of the member, a confirmation of his mobile phone is made, the connection of which must have been registered by a Greek Mobile Telephony Provider.

Registration with a mobile phone number that already exists in the database can not be completed. The member can contact at 2316022822 to resolve the issue (local charge, Monday - Friday 09:00 - 15:00 and outside holidays).

The number of points and the right to discount can not be replaced or redeemed with money. Depending on the points the member has collected, he / she will only be able to redeem these points and receive a corresponding amount of discount in an online order. The COMPANY reserves the right to unilaterally modify the reward system and change or replace the amount of market rewards by informing members either by updating their contact details or by posting on the program website www.flexible.grThe member declares that any information contained in his application, is true and accurate and is responsible for its correctness. The COMPANY is not responsible for granting membership privileges, in case the member has given incorrect or inaccurate personal information.

The COMPANY may, at its sole discretion, terminate the Flexi Club loyalty program, and cancel the membership of the member in the program, more are mentioned in the TERMS OF USE OF THE CUSTOMER REWARDING SERVICE.

Take advantage of all the benefits of participation.

1. The flexible gold card is a privileged variant of the Flexible silver cart and works in exactly the same way - you buy and collect even more points. In addition to gifts and promotions that can be redeemed by Flexible members, Flexible gold card members will have the exclusive opportunity to redeem other additional gifts and preferential offers.

2. The flexible gold and diamond card is the highest level of our company's Flexible card program and works with the well-known process: "You make purchases and collect points". However, the rewards are richer, both in extra points and in gifts.

3. To become a member of Flexible gold card you must first be a member of Flexible card and have made purchases, in a collection equivalent of 4,000P. If the above criteria are met, you will get your new diamond card, which will be accompanied by all the necessary information for this privileged program. In case you do not wish to use your new card, please inform within 15 days from its issuance, at the Flexi card member service department at 2316022822. -

4. Your rewards

You earn at least two points for every € 1 you buy. Your account points are accumulated and once they increase you will be able to choose the type of reward - gift you want.

5. Which markets do I win with?

With all your purchases, you earn the corresponding points depending on your member card

Flexible cart Points/€
Silver cart 2
Gold cart 3
Diamond cart 4

6. The privileged members of the Flexible gold card will be entitled to more than the normal and 20 additional Flexi points in each purchase of 50 € that they buy, for purchases over 750 € within a quarter. This will apply to total purchases up to € 750 within a quarter. So in total and beyond the points that are normally entitled through the Flexible card, the members of the Flexible gold card will have the opportunity to earn up to 300 Flexi points. This offer is independent of any other offers that will be valid for the same period of time.

Points earned with
Silver card Gold card Diamond card
200€ 400P 600P 800P
250€ 500P 750P 1000P
350€ 700P 1050P 1400P
400€ 800P 1200P 1600P
450€ 900P 1350P 1800P
500€ 1000P 1500P 2000P
550€ 1100P 1650P 2200P
600€ 1200P 1800P 2400P
650€ 1300P 1950P 2600P
700€ 1400P 2100P 2800P
750€ 1500P 2250P 3000P

7. *Extra Points: will be automatically credited to the balance of your card, the month after the end of each quarter.

8. *The quarters are: January-March, April-June, July-September, October-December.

9. *The table shows the points available for a diamond or gold card member in a quarter. It is based on purchases. Points earned by other programs are not calculated.

10. If there is a change in the way one can earn the extra points from the gold card or in the gifts and offers that you earn through the Flexible card, you will be able to be informed through our website or through a letter that will be sent to the addresses that have declare the members or through special leaflets, at least 1 month before the said change takes place.

11. The additional Flexible gold card points that you will be entitled to every quarter from Flexible card, will be automatically credited to the balance of your card, the month after the end of each quarter.

12. In case some transactions take place towards the end of the quarter and are not added in time to the balance of your card, these transactions will be counted in the calculation of the extra points of the next quarter.

13. Flexible reserves the right to transfer members from Flexible gold card to Flexible silver card if this customer has not made purchases worth at least € 1,000 in the last 12 months. These members will be able to use their Flexible card normally for collecting points, but will not be able to enjoy the special privileges of the Flexible gold card (ie extra points, exclusive gifts & offers, special draws, etc.).