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New Born

Model: 32237N010AC
Description:Set for the baby in a hard box that includes: soft brush for his hair, chewing gum with pendant "you are my sunshine"which is detachable, wooden pacifier clip & shoulder towel with button for digestion. * The name is not printed...
Ex Tax:34.00€
Model: 32237N002AC
Description:Plush rabbit white "nanny" with postcard "The: ____ From: _____". Dimensions: 50cm...
Ex Tax:9.80€
Brand: Babyurock New Born Model: 32237Ν004BC
Description:Acrylic cupboard stopper with teddy bears on the edges...
Ex Tax:2.10€
Brand: Babyurock New Born Model: 32237Ν001AC
Description:Fabric knee pads for cushioning with face. Dimensions: 10x8cm...
Ex Tax:3.60€
Model: 32237G001AC
Description:Knitted ribbon for hair in one size, as it "opens" because it is knitted, which is ideal for mom & daughter! Width: 8.5cm...
Ex Tax:5.10€
Brand: Babyurock New Born Model: 32237Ν003AC
Description:Knitted "nanny" bunny with buttons on its eyes. Dimensions: 25cm...
Ex Tax:16.50€
Brand: Babyurock New Born Model: 32237Ν004AC
Description:Acrylic cabinet stopper. Length: 3 m...
Ex Tax:1.25€
Model: 32237B001AC
Package Description: 008-002-001Wooden chewing gum in the shape of a bunny on the fabric ears. Dimensions: Together with ears 16 cm., Plain circle 7 cm.Package Description: 008-002-002Wooden chewing gum in the shape of a bunny with white fabric ears with gold polka dots. Dimensions: Togeth..
Ex Tax:5.84€
Brand: Babyurock New Born Model: 32237Ν007AC
Description:Milestone photo souvenirs to take a picture of your baby every month until he is 1 year old!The cards are wooden with plexiglass & laser engraving. It also contains a card that says "Hello World" & one in a larger sizethat writes: "Hello World I'm new here! Name: ___, Date: ____,..
Ex Tax:34.00€
Brand: Babyurock New Born Model: 32237G005AC
Package Description: 008-002-011Play mat children's room mat in the shape of a leaf together with embroidery, with a velvety double-sided texture. Dimensions: 98 x 101 cm.Package Description: 008-002-012Play mat children's room mat in the shape of a shell with embroidery. Dimensions: 95 x 100 cm.Pac..
Ex Tax:36.00€
Model: 32237Ν011AC
Description:Woolen sleeping bag for babies up to 6 months. To keep the baby warm at all times!..
Ex Tax:33.00€
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