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Jar in the shape of a square 100ml

 Jar in the shape of a square 100ml
Jar in the shape of a square 100ml


Jar - square in shape

Dimensions: 100ml gives you the following options.

  1. the displayed product.
  2. the depicted product and internally only with classic almond candies or bijoux Hatzigiannaki chocolate plate.
  3. the depicted product with single tulle wrapping inside and classic almond candy or chocolate flat bijoux Hatzigiannaki.

Inspirational suggestions for a wedding-christening favor in a glass jar:

Spoon dessert, honey, mini soaps, liqueurs, candies, pearls or whatever it is to thank you!

Please place your order on time 2-3 weeks before the delivery date you desire.

Due to the production process, this period of time is necessary for the correct and timely construction of the chocolates.

For emergencies, contact us by phone or email.

If you submit your order electronically, after its registration, a representative of our company will contact you.

to agree on the color combinations you want your chocolates to have and for any other clarifications.

General description:

How many candies should the wedding or christening favor have?

According to tradition, the wedding favor should contain 5 candies which symbolize

health, longevity, joy, prosperity and fertility.

Others believe that the number 7 symbolizes good luck during the newlyweds' life together.

But everyone just thinks that the number of sweets in a box should be odd.

First of all, according to the orthodox church there should be only one number of sweets based on

Holy Trinity (Father-Son-Holy Spirit). In addition the sacraments of the church are unique,

for example once one can be baptized. In order for the church to wish the wedding to be

unique for the couple and with the blessing of the Holy Trinity, he wants the candies of the bonbonniere to be an odd number.

The possible combinations are 5, 7, and rarely 9 or 11.

The most common choice is that of 5 candies and many couples choose 2 of them to be with chocolate

and the rest of the classics with almond.

How many candies you will choose is your personal matter and is related to your own bonbonniere as a more

expensive may contain less sweets while a simple tulle bonbonniere would be good to look richer to contain more sweets.

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