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Privacy Policy

Information about personal data The protection of your personal data is our primary concern. We know the importance of information about you and your preferences and we have implemented the most appropriate management practices.

From the moment you create an account on our website, the information you provide will be entered in our database: First name, last name, e-mail, location and contact information and other individual fields that concern your respective preferences. Sensitive data about your credit or debit cards is not stored in our database in any way. You register them on the server of the interbank cooperation environment and they are used only for the need of a given transaction. In each of your future orders, you will be asked to re-fill these payment details. Your personal data is stored securely on the server that hosts our website.

They are accessible only to persons authorized by us to process your transactions and the necessary interaction with our online system. In no case are they disclosed to third parties. In the context of the proper operation of our online store, as well as the proper personalization of our services provided to you, in addition to the personal data mentioned above, we temporarily record your electronic traces (IP address, hostname , site behavior and possible shopping history). You may also receive temporary IDs (cookies) in order to better personalize the operating system of our website, as well as the production of reliable statistics for use and utilization of our company. Along with the internal statistics system of our company, the external Analytics application of Google also assists in the provision of statistical data.

Our registered members may become recipients of electronic communication from the staff of our company. This communication can concern both commercial issues (clarifications or updates on a specific order) as well as targeted advertising and promotion of services and products. At any time you wish toun subscribe from these updates, you can do so quickly and simply, by following the appropriate unsubscribe link that accompanies each relevant communication. the processing of the transaction for which you register them.

From us you will not have any future inconvenience for any reason not related to your specific order, unless you have chosen something different (such as receiving updates and newsletters even if you are not a registered member). At any time you wish, you can exercise the fundamental "right to oblivion". On our website you can, after logging in to your account, delete your account along with your personal data.

At the same time you can edit and change your personal data, download a backup of your data in readable format, but also a copy to be transferred to another application or website. Use these features at your own discretion and always with care and individual responsibility. Taking care of your personal password is at the same time your obligation, so please take special care to avoid unauthorized access to your data by third parties. Before ordering any product, we clearly inform you about the exact cost of the transaction, analyzing it in the individual issues. Upon completion of the order and its execution by our commercial department, the accounting department of our company issues the appropriate document to you. The document is an official document that relates to the public interest, so any request for revocation or change of its details document must be sufficiently substantiated to provide an objective reason. At the same time you are committed to the bona fide use of our online store. Our company reserves the right to act appropriately to prevent or suppress any malicious activity related to the website or the respective transactions. The protection of your personal data must always be in accordance with current national legislation and legal provisions on public interest.

For more details on the legal status of our online store, please refer to the Terms of Use of the website. We make every effort to avoid cases of interception or loss of personal data. We have the appropriate safety standards and we process them at regular intervals.